Monday, 2 May 2016

Murals - Sea Horse

This West Australian Seahorse or "Hippocampus Subelongatus" was painted during Public Form 2014 by Dutch born, Fremantle resident Amok Island on the facade of a six stories high building.

This building at 100 Hampton Road in Fremantle is used as a 190 bed lodge offering entry-level accommodation to disadvantage people.
Some companies and individuals, apart from Form have rallied to give the residents skills such as cooking, preserving, repairing bicycles, etc. to make the residents feel integrated into the community and allow them to earn money by participating in stall sales, etc.

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Sunday, 1 May 2016

A visit to the Perth Garden Festival

At the invitation of a friend who had complimentary tickets, my husband and I went to visit this year's Perth Garden Festival.
It was being held at McCullum Park in the suburb of Victoria Park, and started Thursday 28th, and ends Sunday 1st of May. 

The park borders the Swan River and there are views across the river to the city and to South Perth along the same coast - beautiful!

View across the Swan River to the city centre across
Those buildings in the distance are South Perth
 I expected to see a lot more "garden design exhibits" but there were maybe 5 or 6 only. Apart from that there were lots of stalls selling plants, garden tools and other garden knick-knacks and then lots of stalls selling stuff unrelated to gardens, like kitchen tools, floor cleaning robots, wine...
I wonder if they didn't have enough gardeners to show their garden exhibits? 

One of the garden exhibits with a waterlily pond

A lovely selection of plants adapted to the Perth  climate
Love this type of bench in a garden
A beautiful "bowl" of succulents - just my type of garden
This rustic garden corner with a veggie garden and a seat, and then some stone armchairs around a steel drum fireplace - very rustic.
  This pavilion was selling succulent plants and had these beautiful ideas to plant them.
Can you imagine these beauties planted in drawers or a chair or a travel trunk? 
Next garden project - I've got to find an old chair or chest of drawers in the next verge collection! 

Some clever artisan makes these garden ornaments out of scrap metal - I liked the pink flamingos and the gigantic firepit just behind them to the right.
We had some lunch from one of the food stalls and then it was time for a delicious waffle with ice-cream and syrup from "Wicked Waffles" fe(forgot to take a photo).
And isn't the "Juice Face" caravan so cute? 

After a few rainy and cold days the sun was out, the day was reasonably warm and we had an enjoyable day.
Some more garden projects to add to the "To do" list too...

A very Happy Mother's Day to those that celebrate Mother's day on the 1st of May. 
In Australia it's only celebrated next Sunday, the 8th.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Personalised number plates II

Following from the previous post about personalised number plates, I've got a few blue ones this time! Well, some are black in blue cars...

Miau - a cat lover or most probably meaning that the motor purrs....

Blue envy? - I thought the colour associated with envy was green! I suppose because his/her car was blue, it was changed to blue.

Good Nanna -  Nanna is a term used for Grandmother.

Misschief - Here it think it could be interpreted as mischief = naughtiness or playful misbehaviour or maybe the young lady is a boss - miss chief.

Nitrogen - they must have just taken the cue from the car's name - Nitro.

Enigmatic - I find it funny when people use numbers instead of letters in a word.

Mrs Angry - hope she's not always angry, could be scary to drive behind or maybe ahead of her, no?

Hope you enjoyed the blue number plates, which one was your favourite?
I might show some black number plates next time.

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Monday, 25 April 2016

Monday Mural - Arabian caligraphy

Another one of the murals recently painted at Curtin University. 
This one was by Tunisian calligraphy artist Karim Jabbari, and you can see him below posing in front of his finished mural.

It started with a plain cement tower that was then painted in black, and then some hieroglyphics were painted in a shinier tone of black. On the other side of the tower the face of a clock was taking shape.

Just a plain black tower on the first day
The hieroglyphics are now painted
The clock face taking shape
More numerals can be seen here

Some golden "letters" to finish it off
"A crow cries and the world unrolls like a blanket"

The finished mural
Hope you enjoyed the step by step progress of this interesting and elegant mural.
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Friday, 22 April 2016

Personalised Number Plates I

For the last couple of years I've been collecting photos of interesting number plates that I see during my drives around Perth, and I've photographed over 500 of them.

In Australia if you wish to chose a personalised number plate for your car you just have to pay a yearly fee for the privilege.

There's hardly a week that goes by that I don't find an interesting one - sometimes I find them humorous, they have a meaning, but occasionally I just can't understand what they mean...

Here are a few of them, hope you find them amusing.

One of my favourites - Are we there yet ? - Typical kids question when travelling long distances! At least it was what my kids would ask us when we traveled!

 Scallywag = Rascal, mischievous.

I ate too much  - don't know if he meant, was the car big or was it the owner who was big?

Ferrari - a self-explanatory one, a nice red Ferrari!

And now a few "pink" number plates - there must be a lot of ladies who love pink -  "So into pink", "Into pink" and "In the pink"

And the last pink plate - Boo Boos = silly mistake or small injury.
Was the car a mistake? Or it is just a funny name?

Hope you enjoyed a small sample of my collection. Next time I'll show you some blue number plates.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Monday Mural - Banksia

Another one of the murals painted at Curtin University for Public Form 2016, this one was done by Amok Island
Amok was born in Amsterdam and moved to Perth in 2009.
I didn't catch the start of the painting process like with the previous mural of "Add Fuel" that I posted last week, but just caught the middle and end of it!

He painted a banksia a popular Australian wildflower.

The finished mural

Painting the details

On the last day, Sunday 10th, when we went around the University Campus taking photos I saw Amok alight from the cherry-picker (elevated work platform), while the crew were packing up the painting tools and I asked if I could take a photo with him. I also told him I love his works that are spread around Perth and Fremantle and he thanked me. He seemed very shy.
Amok and I in front of his mural at Curtin University

The finished mural
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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Our garden - Passion vines and Frangipanis

After a few rainy days and cooler weather the garden is greener and the passion vine seems to have grown heaps!
A lot of beautiful purple flowers and a lot of passion-fruit already hanging from the vine. 
The only problem is part of it seems to have taken over our wall mounted clothes drying rack on the side of the house, and a lot of fruit is already hanging from there... 

I hope they leave space for me to hang my washing!

Passion fruit hanging from the clothes drying rack

The beautifully scented frangipani is blooming too. Love the colour and the scent.
Looking forward to doing some gardening in the cooler weather this weekend.