Monday, 19 March 2018

Monday Mural - Faces

Two murals of faces painted by the same artist in the suburb of Le Panier in Marseille, France, taken when I visited the city in September 2017.
The daughter of an artist, Manyoly dreamed of becoming a psychologist but became an artist instead. She's mainly self taught, and usually paints on canvas using brushes and rich water colours.
When she doesn't have permission to paint directly on the walls, she paints on paper which she then pastes on the walls.

If you like murals or have a mural you'd like to post, this meme is for you; just follow the Linky steps below.  Once you start looking you find murals everywhere.  
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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Finally finished - Painted furniture

In July last year I posted about painting my dining room chairs.

Since then I returned to painting, starting with the table legs and then the area under the table top. When done I was quite happy with the result.

The next pieces to be painted were the coffee and side tables, and then the sideboard and the glass display unit.

side table
Coffee table

At first I left the doors of the sideboard and the glass display unit unpainted, as I had seen some pieces of furniture done this way in Pinterest and had liked them. 
After a couple of months I just wasn't feeling the eventually a few weeks later I decided it was time to paint the doors and I'm much happier with the result.

I have a lot of junk stashed into the sideboard and glass display unit, until I start to get rid of my collections I need them...

Sideboard - now, in-between and before

Display unit - Now, in-between and before

One day while helping me drop stuff to donate at the Salvos, my husband fell in love with this small wooden table. We brought it home and a while later I decided that painting half the legs of the table would make it fit in better with the two armchairs that belong to the dining room and with the rest of the room in general and he was ok with it.

And so the lounge and dining room are now finished. 

I also covered the little stool with the same fabric as the dining room chairs

My next project is my bedroom furniture, but have to first find the right tone to paint it - looking for something in the turquoise range.
What do you think, doesn't the furniture look a lot lighter? I just wish my sofas weren't all brown, but they will have to last for a while.

The paint used was - Rust-Oleum "Chalked" in Linen White.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Monday Mural - The face of violence

Sadly even in a rich and country like Australia a lot of women suffer domestic violence.
While walking to the suburb of "The Rocks" during my visit to Sydney in February, I came across this gigantic mural on the side of a building in George Street.
The 6 x 10 metre mural was commissioned by American Express, Deliveroo and Two Good Co. who have partnered to donate 20,000 meals to women in domestic violence shelters. 

Launched in October 2017 during the "Love shouldn't hurt" campaign, the artwork was created by the artist, Noula Diamantopoulos and the face of the project is former domestic abuse victim and advocate Felicity Cook, and it was made using 20 thousand jar lids supplied by Two Good Co., a meal delivery service that provides chef-designed meals in a jar to offices. 

I'm glad I managed to see this mural as the building is earmarked to be demolished sometime this year to give way to the Circular Quay Tower. Hopefully  this panel can be moved and displayed somewhere else so that conversations around domestic violence carry on.

You can see how the mural was created in this video:  (video)

Image result for felicity cook and noula
Felicity Cook and the artist Noula Diamantopoulos in front of the artwork  (photo from the net)
If you like murals or have a mural you'd like to post, this meme is for you; just follow the Linky steps below.  Once you start looking you find murals everywhere.  Be sure to link back to this blog and visit your fellow posters.  Looking forward to your mural finds posted this week.  Thanks.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Family birthdays

During the month of March there are quite a few birthdays and wedding anniversaries in my family, as well as a few friends celebrate in March too - all wonderful Pisceans.

My birthday was on Friday, 2nd March, but I didn't do anything special on the day as my husband was only arriving from Sydney that evening, to spend the birthday weekend with me.
On Saturday we had a group of friends over for afternoon snacks and drinks and it was a fun day.
I received quite a few lovely gifts and about 5 or 6 bunches of flowers that are now spread around the house.

Flowers galore and other gifts

On Sunday, my husband just wanted to have a quiet day at home, so we watched movies and chatted about our forthcoming trip at the end of the month. I left Jose at the airport just after midnight as he was flying on the (Monday) 1a.m. flight, which he has informed me he won't do again as he's no longer 20 years old and can't go the night with hardly any sleep...

I know it's not a very pleasant flight but because they didn't have a public holiday on Monday like we did in Western Australia he wanted to fly back on Sunday so as not to miss work, as well as it was a much cheaper flight.

Luckily for me Monday was a public holiday in Western Australia - Labour day - so I could sleep late. Later I caught up on blogs, read, put paperwork in order and never even set foot outside as it was pretty hot (37C) and humid.

On Thursday 8th of March - International Women's Day - is my daughter's 33rd birthday.
Karina has become such a wonderful young woman - friendly, confident, respectful, hard-worker, ambitious (is this a quality?)...and I'm extremely proud of her achievements in her short life. She 's conquering the world a smile at a time!

From a happy baby to a happy woman

She started travelling the world at 3 months of age, when we flew from Germany to South Africa. We lived in Germany until she was about 6 years old, so she also traveled a lot all over Europe when young. 
Today she still loves to travel and is lucky that her job takes her to many places.
She has lived in a lot more places that I have - Germany, South Africa, Portugal, France, Holland and is soon moving to The Philippines.  

Celebrating Karina's 30th in Portugal

Left to Right - In Perth, Disneyland Florida, Madurodam in The Hage, South Africa, Paris, Turkey, Monaco, Barcelona, Spain.

And...on Sunday 11th March is my Dad's 85th birthday.
It's so great that he has reached this wonderful age in relatively good health.
My Mom is planning a surprise birthday party (don't worry, he doesn't read the blog), with my sister who lives in Portugal and all his nephews and nieces are invited. 
My Dad was the youngest of 5 brothers and sisters, he was 10 years younger that the next brother, and he's the only one alive.
Just like my Mom, he also attends Third Age University, started learning how to paint a decade ago, took up photography also a few years ago and always carries his camera with him just in case... He enjoys singing, he used to sing on the Radio before he met my Mom, and if asked he will still perform at parties - old fashioned romantic ballads are his specialty.

Dad and Mom, photo from 2017
Mom and Dad, in the middle of the whole family in Aug 2017, a young Dad and Mom, the photographer being photographed, singing at a party.
Happy birthday to all the March people!